Summary of Major Provisions included in the Master Deed


Provisions are included in the Master Deed and Bylaws for Steeplechase to ensure that it will be developed as an exceptional neighborhood, to enhance and preserve the magnificent natural features of the land, to maintain the community in high quality condition, and to prevent activities which diminish the enjoyment of the residents.


Architectural Review.  Each residence in Steeplechase is subject to architectural review and approval with the goal of achieving architectural excellence while providing assistance to residents in the design and construction of their homes.


Preservation of Natural Features.  A primary goal or architectural review is to preserve the natural topography and trees of each homesite to the greatest degree possible by facilitating appropriate design, placement and construction of the residences and related improvements.


Exterior Architecture.  Residences in Steeplechase are to be traditional in terms of architectural design.  The front exterior of each residence is to be constructed predominantly of brick and/or stone.  Siding is to consist of individual planks constructed of wood or composite materials.  No aluminum or vinyl siding, metal windows or metal primary entrance doors may be used.  Exterior siding colors are to be soft and harmonious with the natural surrounding, not white or obtrusive.  Exterior wall chimneys are to be constructed of brick or stone, not wood.  Roofs shall be covered with dimensional multi-tab shingles.  Residences are to be unique in appearance with no duplication of styles.


Minimum Home Size.  Residences shall have a minimum livable area of 2,600 square feet and a minimum width of 62 feet, including the attached garage.


Garages.  Each residence shall have a side or rear entry garage for a minimum of two and maximum of four cars.  Front entry garages are not permitted for aesthetic reasons.


Landscaping.  Landscaping is required which integrates and enhances the natural features of the site.  Landscaping is to be completed within 90 days after occupancy, season permitting.


Park Areas.  Extensive park areas have been established containing unique topography, wildlife, ridges, ravines, trees and other natural features for the exclusive use of residents and their guests, and provisions are included for their preservation and maintenance.


Aesthetics.  Restrictions prohibiting unsightly conditions and offensive or annoying activities have been adopted to assure a neighborly and pleasing environment for all Steeplechase residents.


Swimming Pools.  Swimming pools are to be in-ground only and fenced with black or bronze anodized aluminum picket fencing, 4 feet in height.


Lampposts and Mailboxes.  Each residence shall install a lamppost of a specified design in the front yard near the street, controlled by a photocell switch, in order to provide a degree of soft ambient lighting along the roadways of the neighborhood.  Decorative mailboxes of a consistent design and color are to be used to provide a pleasing and elegant appearance throughout the development.